RTech is a tech mod for Minecraft 1.12.2



RTech adds many machine of differents tier that can process items, and fluids to create semi realistic assembly line.


The RTech's substances system allow you to create a large amount of items, blocks and fluids, with pre-configured recipes and tags using CraftTeaker's scripts.


RTech can be completely modified with CraftTweaker:

See the wiki for more informations.


Short Name Full Name Main substance Description
Primitive Primitive Wood/Stone Redstone
Steam Steam Bronze Steam
LV Low Voltage Steel Electricity
MV Medium Voltage Alumium  
HV High Voltage Stainless Steel  
EV Extreme Voltage Titanium  
IV Insane Voltage Tungsten Steel  
LuV Ludicrous Voltage Palladium  
ZPM Zero Point Module Osmium Ultimate artificial inteligence.
UV Ultimate Voltage Lumium  
Max Max Neutronium Space time manipulation.

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