My Resume



[Apr. 2021 / June 2022] SM Entertainment, Lyon

VR game aimed at making people feel the beginnings of Stendhal syndrome.

Game jam & Student projects

[Since Sep 2019] Ecole Brassart, Lyon

Notable student projects:

Notable personal projects

[Since 2016] Home, Lyon

Professional Experiences


[juil. 2017 - août 2021] Volvo Group, Lyon - Temp worker (Seasonal student job)

Quality, manutention (forklift driving) and inventory management.

Cab tilting test bench

[april 2019 - june 2019] Renault Trucks, Lyon - Stage

Creating a test bench to test in endurance the truck's parts that allow the cab tilting.


Game Engines

Unity, Unreal Engine.


Back-end solutions

Azure PlayFab, Game Sparks.

World Foundation Softwares

World Machine, World Creator, Instant Terra.

Organization & Versioning

GitHub, Jira.


Self-taught, rigorous, curious, organized, flexible.


Bachelor in Game Design

[Sept. 2019 - June 2022] Brassart, Lyon

Game design, narrative, C#/C++ programming.

Industrial Genius - Two-year university degree in technology (DUT in French)

[Sept. 2019 - June 2019] IUT Lyon 1, Lyon

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, thermodynamics, production management, quality and maintenance